Fresh to your plate Wet fish counter

Take a look at our fresh fish counter and choose from over 20 species of fish and shellfish daily. Let us cook it how you like or our qualified chefs can talk you through how to do it yourself, so you can enjoy it at home.

Sustainable is best Our Suppliers

We work closely with our fish suppliers on the coast to source sustainable fish where possible. We are always proactive to ensure that maintaining a premium quality supply does not mean compromising future fish supplies.

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Catch of the Day Our Fish Range

We offer a huge selection of fish and shellfish which changes daily depending on what comes off the boat...

MSC certified sustainable seafood

We're proud To Be MSC Certified

All our cod and haddock is MSC approved. We work closely with fish merchants to ensure our fish is fully sustainable and responsibly sourced.

MSC certified sustainable seafood


Wherever possible we use local, seasonal produce thus cutting our impact on the environment. We recycle all glass and paper goods in specially designated bins. Appropriate food waste is composted in circumstances where it is safe to do so. We aim to cut energy and water consumption wherever possible.